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Spring School Portraits are HERE!

Registration is required as (unlike fall) we will not photograph every student.  ONLY REGISTERED students will be photographed.

Click on your school below to register (it's EASY and FREE)!

STREAM Charter School (April 11)

Stanford Ave Elementary (April 16)

Ophir Elementary (April 17)

Oakdale Heights Elementary (April 18)

Paradise Ridge Elementary (April 25)


About Picture Day

  • Spring photo participation is OPTIONAL, so please register above.
  • This is a ViewFirst event. View before you purchase! Therefore...
  • No order forms or payment is due on picture day
  • 3-4 Poses will be taken of your child for your viewing pleasure
  • You will receive an email/text within 24 hours of picture day
  • View online, choose your favorite pose, background & package
  • Orders are shipped to the address you provide in approx. 2 weeks.


  • This is optional. A "thing" is NOT required for photos
  • IF you send your child with a thing:
    • Make sure it fits (and stays) in their backpack
    • Keep it in the backpack until time for pictures
    • It goes back in the backpack when pictures are done
    • Child must be able to hold "thing" at waist or chest height
    • No live animals
    • If the post office won't ship it, don't send it to school.
    • If you can't take it on an airplane, don't send it to school.
    • If it will cause a distraction, don't send it to school.
    • If it's valuable or irreplaceable, don't send it to school
  • IMPORTANT: Your school/teacher and/or our Studio/Photographer is NOT responsible for loss/damage/theft/etc. of any "thing" sent to school.

Questions?  eMail help@creativeimagingcenter.com or text 530-531-3484.

Messages are usually returned in 24-48 hours.