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Frequently Asked Questions about our Santa Event:

Does Santa HAVE to be in the photo? Yes, this is his event and that's why the children are here.  HOWEVER...we are currently working on an additional "set" for children who may be a little "Santa shy."  We'll update this section and add a photo when it becomes a reality.

What if my child cries? Totally okay...it's totally classic!  Most kids (maybe even you) has at least one photo screaming on Santa's lap. It's precious just the same and will be even more so in 20 years.

May I get more than one package free with cans?  There's a limit of one free package per photo. If you have more than one child, you may have each child photographed with Santa by themselves. Each would require a 10 can donation to get a package.

May I do a group portrait of my children as well? Yes, another 10 cans will get you the free package.

My child has fur. May we bring him/her in? Yes, of course. Just be sure to walk your "child" outdoors frequently as there may be a long wait. Santa prefers a dry lap (as well as dry legs).

May I get other print sizes for free with donation? There's a huge variety of options in Santa's BEST Package.  Other sizes and products are available for additional purchase.

Do they HAVE to be cans? No, we accept donations of all kinds of NON-PERISHABLE food items (leave the raw salmon in your fridge...please!)

We're feeling quite generous.  Can we donate more than 10? Yes, the food closet at the Salvation Army struggles to stay well socked.  Your generosity is greatly appreciate by all, especially those who receive it. 

I don't need the wallets or gift tags, can I get something else instead? Santa's BEST Package is preset in our production system and a GREAT value.  No substitutions will be made.  Please order additional prints to be sure you get what you want.

May I make an appointment to see Santa? This is a first-come first-served event.  You will be given a number when you check-in and we'll be calling numbers as the event unfolds.

Do I HAVE to wait in the lobby? No, feel free to wander the shops downtown, have a meal next door, a coffee across the street.  Check in periodically to see what number we're on.  If you miss your turn, you'll be given priority on your return to the studio. 

Where does all the food go? To LOCAL families through our LOCAL Salvation Army.

Where do I go if I have to 'GO'? We'll have a porta-potty located outside on the lot next to our building.  No, it's not ideal but we had someone flush a plastic bag last year which clogged our sewer lines and created a wet, STINKY overflow for several days.  We appreciate your understanding.